3 thoughts on “It’s The Kraken! NHL Seattle Releases Team Name

  1. It’s not only the city’s nautical heritage that the name Kraken will honor. Seattle has alot of Scandinavian heritage. Kraken is a mythical sea monster. It’s part of Scandinavian culture.

    1. Thank you for the comment. I wasn’t aware of the full extent of Seattle’s Scandinavian heritage but you’re absolutely right. I read your article “Geography And Hockey: Legend Of The Seattle Kraken” and was surprised to see just how many Scandinavian immigrants came to Seattle in the early 20th century. I’d like to check out the National Nordic Museum in Ballard too.

      1. Thank you for reading. Seattle has alot more Scandinavian heritage than many people even know about. From a geographer perspective, the name “Kraken” fits with Seattle for so many reasons.

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