The Deep Dive Episode 36 – Matty Beniers is a Kraken!

Matty Beniers has signed with the Seattle Kraken! 

In this week’s podcast, we discuss when we can expect to see him on the ice (2:25), how his entry-level contract works (7:07), what we’re looking for in tomorrow’s practice (11:15), where we’d put him in the lineup (14:13), and what our expectations are for him this season (30:28).

On this episode of the pod, RJ gives us all the latest and greatest from the start of Kraken training camp, including: who's stood out to him (1:38), early looks at line combinations (9:48) and special teams units (25:40), how the younglings Matty Beniers and Shane Wright are looking (40:24), the return of Turbo (1:10:01), a quick goalie report (1:04:07) and mascot news (1:08:26)!
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