Projected Kraken Roster

Welcome to Emerald City Hockey’s projected Seattle Kraken roster. Think of it as a constantly-updated mock expansion draft. Our projections are updated live with every new game, trade, or contract signing. If you’re ever wondering who the Kraken will draft this summer, check here for our up-to-date prediction.

For more on how the expansion draft works, see our Expansion Draft Explained video.


  • No side deals – While there will surely be side deals in the real expansion draft, what they’ll actually look like is unpredictable unless you’re listening in to Ron Francis’ phone calls. For that reason, we’ll disregard them here.
  • Confidence Factor – Each player has been assigned a “Confidence Factor“, shown to the right of the player card as “CF“. Confidence factor is a rating 1-10 of my level of confidence that the player will ultimately be selected by the Kraken in the real expansion draft (1 being not confident at all and 10 being extremely confident). Next to confidence factor, there may be a trend arrow. The arrow indicates any recent changes in confidence factor.

If you’re wondering how this roster might line up in a game, check out our Projected Seattle Kraken Lineup!

Big thanks to and their Seattle Expansion Draft Simulator. It’s been an invaluable resource in making and updating our projections.

Here’s a video explaining the thinking behind each of the picks and diving deeper into how the roster was built:

5/15 Update video:

4/13 Update video:

3/28 Update Video:

3/14 Update Video:

Original 3/10 Roster:

*All player ages are listed as of 10/15/21, the estimated start date of the 2021-22 NHL season

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