Will The Kraken Get Their First Player Soon?

Many of us know the awkward feeling of trying to explain to someone that the team whose logo is on your hat doesn’t actually have any players yet. “Well, when will they have players?” July 21st is the first answer that comes to mind. That’s the date of the Kraken’s expansion draft, the wonderful dayContinue reading “Will The Kraken Get Their First Player Soon?”

Seattle Kraken Expansion Draft Date Set

Mark your calendars! The Seattle Kraken Expansion Draft will take place on July 21st, 2021. Yesterday, the NHL announced a number of key dates for the coming 2020-21 NHL season and offseason. The announcement provided an updated timeline for the Seattle Kraken expansion draft process. We now know a lot more about when and howContinue reading “Seattle Kraken Expansion Draft Date Set”