A Scout’s Take – Conor Geekie | Patreon Early Access

We’re excited to release the second video in our newest Patreon perk! All Podcast and Watch Party Tier patrons have early access to Dylan’s “Former Scout’s Take” scouting report videos. The second video, on Winnipeg Ice forward Conor Geekie, can be found here on our Patreon. The first video, which is now public on our YouTubeContinue reading “A Scout’s Take – Conor Geekie | Patreon Early Access”

Red Glare Podcast Free Preview – Coyotes Arena Situation

We’ve released another free preview of our Patreon-exclusive Red Glare Podcast! This video is an excerpt from this week’s episode where we talk about the Arizona Coyotes’ reported deal to play at Arizona State University’s 5000-seat facility. Liked what you heard? Subscribe to our Patreon to get a new Red Glare Podcast every week.

Bonus Free Patreon Podcast

With the NHL taking an unexpected long holiday break, we decided to drop a bonus podcast. To give everyone a better idea of what our bonus podcasts are like, we decided to make this one free to everyone, so you can find it on our regular podcast feed and YouTube channel as well. In thisContinue reading “Bonus Free Patreon Podcast”